Mail in Your Cell Phone for Repair In Just 3 Easy Steps!

(Click here for our Walk-in Location or Remote Unlocking.)

No Matter Where You Call Home–Big City, Small Town or Countryside–It’s As Easy As 1, 2, 3!

1. Add your Repair Services to the shopping cart and checkout with Paypal.

2. Carefully package the following in a small box or padded envelope:

* A printout of your Paypal Receipt.

* A completed printout of our Service Form (one per phone to be repaired). Click here to download.

* Your cell phone and battery only (FULLY CHARGED, unless charging or liquid damage is the issue).

Do NOT send your SIM card, memory card, or any other accessory.
Exception: For charging port repairs other than Blackberry and iPhone, please also include the charger.

3. Ship securely with delivery confirmation or tracking number to:

Megatronics Cell Phone Services
1610 Robson St #129
Vancouver, British Columbia 
V6G 1C7 Canada

US customers: Clearly indicate on the package for Canadian customs that the phone is being sent for repair.

Vancouver Lower Mainland customers: You can avoid shipping fees by visiting our Vancouver Shop.

* Please note that there are never any shipping or handling fees on Remote Unlocking.