To successfully replace your iPhone 4G battery, you will need:


  1. A replacement battery, which you can purchase either from our online store or in person at our Vancouver shop.
  2. A Phillips #00 screwdriver (you may also need a 5-Point Pentalobe screwdriver, depending on the types of screws Apple has installed at the bottom of your iPhone).  We sell both types at our shop.
  3. A plastic iPhone opening tool, which we also carry in stock.

Note: If purchasing your battery online, you can order the screwdrivers and plastic opening tool via email or by telephone at the same time.  If purchasing in shop, you can pick them up with the battery.

Once you have assembled everything you need, follow these steps:

  1. Power off the phone.
  2. Remove the two screws next to the dock connector.
  3. Push the rear panel toward the top edge of the iPhone until it moves about 2mm.  Then lift it off the iPhone.
  4. Remove the screw holding the battery connector to the logic board (some devices may have a second screw holding down the contact pad).
  5. Use the plastic opening tool to pry the battery connector up from the ends closest to the top and bottom edges of the iPhone.  Do not pry against the contact clip, which you need to remove from the iPhone.
  6. Use the clear plastic pull tab to lift the old battery out of the iPhone.  If Apple has used a lot of glue, you will need to use the plastic opening tool to gently get the battery out.
  7. Place the new battery into the phone.  Before reconnecting the battery connector, make sure the pressure contact is positioned properly.
  8. Before putting the iPhone back together, make sure to clean all contact points with a de-greaser to avoid interference issues.

For complete instructions with pictures, click here.

Disclaimer: Remember do-it-yourself repairs are undertaken at your own risk.  The steps outlined here are very brief and are for those already comfortable working on electronics.  (It is possible to break something or even kill your iPhone if you don’t know what you’re doing.)  If you’d rather have your battery professionally replaced, we do that, too!

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Have you heard about cell phone unlocking and still aren’t sure what it’s all about?

Unlocking your cell phone is a great way to switch providers or travel overseas with exactly the same phone you are currently using (no need to buy a new phone!).

GSM and AWS wireless providers lock their cell phones to ensure that they will only work with their network. Unlocking allows you to use your current GSM or AWS mobile phone with other GSM service providers (your phone will no longer be “locked” to one network). This means that you will be able to use your cell phone with another wireless provider, including prepaid and overseas, by simply inserting a new active SIM card inside it!

Unlocking your cell phone is as simple as 1, 2, 3!


1. Check that your cell phone as well as the provider you want to switch to both use SIM card technology (check out our Unlocking FAQS for all the details).

2. Purchase your unlock code.  You can either purchase it here online or you can bring your cell phone into our Vancouver shop where we can unlock it for you.

3. Enter the unlock code into your phone following the basic instructions we send along with your code.  (For example, for a Rogers Blackberry 9790, go to Options/ Device/ Advanced System Settings/SIM Card.  Type in MEPD, then type in MEPalt2 and enter the unlock code.)


It’s a very simple process, much cheaper than buying a new phone (our unlocking starts at $14.99) and we are always available by phone or email to help you.

Unlocking gives you the freedom to switch providers and go with the best current plans.

Putting a screen protector on your iPhone, iPad, Blackberry or Android phone is a smart way to protect your device’s fragile LCD screen.  There are many different types, such as clear or mirrored, which we carry in store starting at $4.99 for smart phones and $6.99 for tablets.

Follow these 4 steps carefully to install your screen protector without bubbles:

  1. Wipe off your phone or tablet’s screen with a LCD cleaning cloth to remove any dust or dirt.
  2. Before removing the backing, align the screen protector over your phone or tablet to see how it will fit.
  3. Peel back a bit of the backing and apply the screen protector to the bottom only of your device’s screen.
  4. Then work slowly upward to the top, using a credit or other plastic card to smooth out any bubbles as you lay the protector down over your screen.

For more instructions with pictures, check out this wikiHow.